5 Steps For Getting Started in Performance Driven Marketing

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Your company is at a turning point. Your next actions can make or break the entire core of your company. You need to break through and get your company noticed.

So what do you do? You need something big and impactful.

What you need is the power of performance-driven marketing.

Want to know more? Let's see what you can do.

The Power of Performance Driven Marketing

Performance marketing is where you take the driver's seat.

Old school marketing had you buy advertising space. This ranged from billboards to TV commercials. The problem here was you had to bank off of the traffic of said space and hope it caught the people you were looking for.

Performance driven marketing is creating a personal team to control marketing on your terms. You find the ad space and watch in real time how well they perform. 

Steps to Success

Where do you start? How do you get from lost, small-time operation to a brand seen around the world? 

First, you need to understand these ideas.

1. What is Your Goal?

Knowing how to make your business better requires you to understand where you want your business to end up.

Do you want to be a down to earth business that helps the local communities? Do you want to be a big name tech company? Where you aim to end up will help you create a pathway to get there.

2. Creating a Plan

You have your destination, where is your path?

Back to the above ideas. A down to earth business built around being a community builder wants to start small. Advertising through charity events and in and around small businesses can be a great start.

For the big tech industry, you can try and focus on technology expos. Another path could be finding an ally in a very specific part of the industry. Partnering with another industry leader can allow you to build off of their success.

3. Crafting a Team

Now you need the people to bring it all together. Performance driven marketing is all about the people you surround yourself with. They are the ones who will find the right niches to hit and give you the expertise to make it all work.

Finding the right people can be difficult. Every company is looking for social media experts and tech gurus. By honing what you need to absolute precision, you can snag the right person for your needs.

4. Finding the Right Tech

Technology gives you thousands of different mediums to follow for marketing. Remember, this is about precision. You want things you can track and focus on.

Social media is a huge step and needed for pretty much anyone, but it goes deeper than that. You could do short bursts on a form like Twitter, or longer videos over YouTube.

5. Track and Recognize the Data

The last and most important is to collect and track your data. From followers to search engine hits, there are piles of data you can collect from all your ads and communications.

What data is important? Remember back to where you want your company to go. Are you looking for customer satisfaction? Are you looking at product sales? It all needs customization to fit your outlook.

A Future for Your Company

No matter how you do it, performance-driven marketing is a great tool under your belt. With the right people and the right practice, you can navigate any area of your industry.

Need more help refining your skills? Looking for a guiding hand? We at CEG want to see where we can take you. Contact us today!