Influencer Marketing 101: 5 Beginners' Tips for a Kick-Butt Campaign

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Social media posts and blogs influence 60% of consumers while they're shopping. Influencer marketing is highly effective if you do it well. 

Around 49% of consumers rely on influencer product recommendations to make purchasing decisions. The results speak for themselves: For every dollar that you spend on influencer marketing, the ROI is around $6.50. 

Here are 5 tips for marketing with an influencer: 

1. Influencer Marketing 101: Choose The Right Influencer

What is influencer marketing? It's marketing that places emphasis on an influential individual known as an "influencer."

What are influencers? Influencers are people with the power to affect others' purchasing decisions. They "influence" people through their authority, expertise, and relationship to their audience.

Ideally, an influencer has an audience that your brand appeals to. That's why this next tip matters: 

2. Influencers Have Social Media Platforms

Any influencer you choose should have thriving social media platforms. Their follower count should be sizable enough to affect your profits.  

An influencer might be more popular on one platform than another. For instance, Facebook is the most popular influencer platform. YouTube comes in second place. 

What matters is their ability to vouch for your brand with exposure marketing. The larger their audience, the more brand exposure you'll get. 

However, it's important to keep this next tip in mind: 

3. Define Your Goals

What results are you looking to get from collaborating with an influencer? Write them down. Writing down your goals increases your chances of accomplishing them. 

Good goals include expanding brand awareness, reaching new audiences, and increasing social media engagement. Influencer marketing programs can help you achieve these goals. 

Don't expect overnight results, even if your influencer is a celebrity. 

4. Build a Relationship With an Influencer

Build a relationship with influencers by interacting with them on social media. This will make the influencer aware of your brand's presence.

You can start out small. For instance, ask them for a quote to put in your business's blog.

Once you publish the blog, post it on social media and tag an influencer. If the influencer shares it, your brand gets more exposure.

Eventually, you'll need to ask the influencer if they're willing to do a collaboration. Influencers are more likely to say "yes" if they're familiar with your brand. Engage with influencers and their followers to increase brand awareness.

5. Show What's In It For The Influencer

Don't approach the influencer by asking what you can get out of a collaboration. Make sure there are benefits for the influencer as well. Benefits give the influencer an incentive to work with you. 

For instance, you can offer free products. If you have a well-known blog, offer to let the influencer write a guest post to increase their audience. Think of what you have to offer.

Be ready to pay quality influencers in some way.

Influence Your Sales In The Best Way Possible

A whopping 94% of marketers who use influencer marketing think it's effective. Collaborating with an influencer can increase your consumer base, brand awareness, and online engagement.

Influencer marketing delivers an ROI 11 times higher than traditional digital marketing. Investing in an influencer is worth the effort it takes.

Boost your business and request influencer services. Your brand will thank you for it.