Direct to consumer brands have played a pivotal role during this unusual time by providing necessities for Moms across the country. We have had the opportunity at Central Entertainment Group (CEG) to work with the leading baby brands that offer services and products for everything a young mom needs.

With the announcement of schools staying closed for the rest of the school year, parents, students and teachers can rely on extra at home educational programs like Kiwi Co and Homer. Kiwi Co has delivered over 10 million crates of science and art kits that provide hands-on learning around the world! It empowers kids to explore, create, and have fun while doing so right from home! Homer is the #1 learn to read program for kids and you can download it right from the App store.

Brands such as Wellements, Fawn Design, Nurture Life, Snuggle Me Organic, and Hatch Baby are keeping the little ones safe and happy.


Wellements is offering free shipping on all care products to make things easily obtainable if you arent able to leave your kids to go to the store.

Fawn Design shows us that just because you have to change a bunch of diapers, doesn’t mean you cant look classy and sophisticated while doing so.

Nurture Life continues to provide fresh antibiotic free meals for your kids as little as 10 months old. For those struggling to get nutritious meals for their family, (long lines at the grocery store, limited supply of product) Nurture Life has you covered. Not only can you hand pick meals from their menu, they will also cook and deliver it straight to your door.

Snuggle Me Organic’s feeding and support pillows and Hatch Baby’s unique sound machines are the perfect solutions for good night sleep. When moms are stressed out or anxious, their babies can sense their anxiety.


We’ve found that this market continues to be solvent and successful because these products are considered necessity items. The definition of what is and isn’t a necessity can be debated. Things like education, food, sleep, medicine are all things we need and will continue to need regardless of the state of the economy, therefore they are a necessity.

Brands are making this whole “social distancing” thing more tolerable! At-home delivery services provide many healthy options and are helping to keep families safe by eliminating the need to go out to shop. From food, education, and even entertainment, these services and products are just a click away, allowing families to ease the burden during this tough time!