In a world where everything is digital, having an online presence is one of the most important aspects for businesses. We customize social media campaigns to align with various ROI goals, budgets and creative initiatives. Typical campaigns can range anywhere from a single Instagram post to a comprehensive multi-platform strategy.


CEG bridges the gap between brands and influencers. We help brands to align with relevant influencers for anything from social media partnership to photoshoots, personal appearances, and custom celebrity product lines.


At CEG we have the data and analytics to ensure success for sales or impression based businesses. Over the years, we have worked on campaigns that have tested the marketplace to identify talent who have significant sales, lower CPA and increase brand awareness and web traffic.


CEG provides businesses with experienced consulting services. Helping them maneuver the influencer marketing landscape, while connecting them with vetted professionals to help them meet their immediate campaign and e-commerce needs. We provide the necessary tools to boost campaign engagement that convert directly into sales.

Developing brands with high-caliber celebrity partnerships

Grab favorite celebrities straight off the screen and into consumer hands! At CEG we strive to please, and guarantee companies won’t miss a beat with beloved influencers for digital campaigns.