During these trying times, people all over the world have started different initiatives to help our frontline workers. Our very own client and friend Katelyn Brown and her husband, Kane Brown are helping the front line at Elmhurst Hospital. Elmhurst hospital is one of the places that has been hit the hardest by Covid-19.

The front line has been working extended, exhausting shifts to help flatten the curve and save lives. Katelyn donated $5,000 worth of food to the hospital, helping to keep the staff of the ER energized. They enlisted the help of Louie’s Pizzeria, a staple in Elmhurst that has been in business for eleven years. Louie, the owner has been working with Elmhurst hospital during that time and has made many friends. He was happy to be able to help the people that have become such a huge part of his life.

Central Entertainment Group, along with Louie arranged for pizza to be delivered for eleven days, two deliveries a day, with 10 pies each and cases of water on behalf of the Browns. The Browns gift was beyond Perfect. One Thing Right is New Yorkers love pizza. What would Elmhurst be without Louie’s Pizzeria?