Social distancing has impacted everyone! No one can go out to bars, no one can go out to dinner, you can’t even be in public without wearing a mask. Although this is for your own good, the lack of human interaction has started to take a toll on us all! We’re all seeing each other on Zoom, which is nice, but we need a little bit more. So what we have done here at CEG is we’ve started having VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR!!

Once a week, we get everyone together with their favorite drink of choice and we enjoy a casual Friday night where we don’t talk about work, we invite pets, and even bring our own food to the party! It’s a great way to escape the reality that is social distancing and feel a little more normal. If you’ve ever been to a happy hour, which I’m sure you have, you’ll know how rejuvenating it is to meet up with your friends and talk about your week, plus eat a bunch of food together! CEG has been actively keeping the sanity of its valued employees enjoying each other’s company which has proven to not only boost morale, but also increase productivity for everyone! It also gives everyone something to look forward to (and help remember what day of the week it is).

Another thing that some of our teams have implemented is virtual movie nights!! I know what you’re thinking, how can they watch the same movie at the same time and it not be out of sync? The answer to that is simple and it’s called Netflix Party!

While everyone is stuck at home, what better way to pass time over the weekend than having a movie night with some friends! Basically, Netflix Party is an extension of Netflix where you can have a group chat and watch a movie or show AT THE SAME TIME! It synchronizes playback for everyone in your party! So no one has to worry about missing something when they get some extra snacks or another glass of wine.

Seriously, BIG game changer!

Finally, if you’re looking to satisfy your creative appetite, there’s tons of virtual tours that you can take at home! Museums, theme parks, zoos, aquariums and so much more! Since not everyone is using this time to focus on fitness, these are some mental adventures you can take and still keep your sanity!