CEG practices positive mental health during Covid-19

In a time of hardship, stress and social distancing we have adapted a new normal and are finding new ways to stay connected and keep positive mental health. At Central Entertainment Group we have found many fun and innovative ways to keep our moral up and fight the mental strain of Covid-19. From having one of our colleague’s family members offering free morning yoga three days a week to Instagram challenges to a virtual escape room.

Yes, that’s right a virtual escape room. How do you escape a room if you’re not physically there you ask? Good question! Demon Wheelers, a company based out of the UK has built the ultimate team building, virtual escape room experience. CEG had a blast participating in “The Heist!”


Credit: Wildfire Agency Instagram

During “The Heist” you had fifty minutes to steal the diamond and escape the vault before the cops find you! Creating an interactive experience through Zoom, Demon Wheeler’s has built a challenging, yet exciting escape room. They use a live video feed with an individual in the room that you direct to clues to figure out where in the vault the diamond is and how to get out. We used our brain power to figure out the clues, riddles and tasks you needed to complete to open safes, briefcases and locks. We had many laughs along the way. It was awesome for all of us to be
together from home. It boosted our moral and made us work hard as a team in a fun and challenging way. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for something fun and challenging to do while at home.